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Een kopie van de webpagina van DRC, die laat zien hoe ten tijde van ons bezoek de bevolking was samengesteld:

- Our Dolphin Family -

A.J., born in 1988, is a regular participant in our interactive programs, a gentle therapy dolphin and quite a character. This independent "little dude" has a subtle charisma that sweeps people right off their feet. AJ
Aleta Aleta was born here in 1984 and is a daughter of Delphi. She is a spectacular aerialist as well as a strong-willed dolphin who likes to have her own way. Aleta is a versatile and popular young lady who enjoys babysitting and loves to learn new things.
Calusa, born here in 2001, came into this world with the same zest for life that she has today! She made her streak of independence known from the very beginning: she took her first breath, and off she went. Mom Merina and Aunt Theresa raced to catch up with her, but not before Calusa had a chance to explore on her own. Calusa
Delphi Delphi is the suave father of four of our resident dolphins. A mature male "the Fox" charms not only with his handsome looks but, he also has a silly streak in him that belies his middle age.
Kibby is an adult male who came to us for medical attention in 1981. Best buddies with Delphi, these two are the Abbot and Costello of DRC, constantly playing off each other or their female family members often with hilarious results. Kibby
Merina Merina, another of Delphiís daughters, is a lovely lady born at DRC in 1984. Extremely people-oriented and creative, Merina is a delightful show-off, as well as a gentle helper in our dolphin-assisted therapy programs.
Molly came to live at DRC in June of 1996 after a rather perilous life, including traveling the country performing in "road shows" and once taking a "walk on the wild side." Another of our mature ladies, Molly is overflowing with dolphinality. She loves her new home here at DRC. Molly
Pandora Pandora was born on a stormy November evening in 1997 and is the daughter of Merina and Kibby. As her name implies, she is curious and free-spirited. Within weeks of her birth, she was racing away from her mother looking to explore the world on her own.
Pax born on Easter Sunday in 1997 to Tursi and Rainbow. This independent little guy continues our Flipper lineage as the 2nd grandson of two Flipper dolphins. He amazes his trainers at how quickly he catches on to anything new, and absolutely loves to people watch. Pax
Rainbow Rainbow is a male who became a permanent member of the DRC family as of October, 1992. Rambunctious and flirtatious, "Bo" can barely take his attention away from the ladies long enough to display his athletic tail walks or learn husbandry behaviors.
Sandy arrived with Rainbow and is also a male. Born in 1979 at an inland marine park, his arrival at DRC marked the first time he had experienced a natural environment. Although once considered shy, this strong, silent type dolphin has revealed to us an energetic side not to be suppressed. Sandy
Santini Santini is a hot-shot female born at DRC in 1986. The daughter of Theresa and Delphi, she is extremely enthusiastic and adaptable to new training, as well as being a gentle and friendly therapy dolphin.
Talon, born in 1990 and the son of Tursi and Delphi, is the first grandson born at DRC. Talon likes to be involved in a variety of activities and has a special affinity for helping with research projects. Talon
Tanner - "Got Milk?" Itís the popular catch phrase found on billboards, magazines, and commercials everywhere. It is also the motto of DRCís youngest dolphin baby, Tanner. Born March 13, 2002, to Santini, Tanner will never go hungry.
Theresa is an unforgettable, mature lady who just loves a crowd. "T" is a totally goofy show-off, and has an unbelievable repertoire of sounds. Theresa is the matriarch of our family and has lived at DRC longer than anyone, dolphin or human. Teresa
Tursi Tursi is the colonyís first successful dolphin calf, born at DRC in 1973. Tursi is the daughter of Little Bit and Mr. Gipper, two of the original five "Flipper" dolphins. She is a fabulous athlete, a first-rate tease, and the very proud mother of Talon and Pax.

- Our Sea Lion Family -

Kilo was born at Sea World in Orlando, Florida, on June 28, 2001, arriving at DRC one year later. He is a bright, inquisitive "puppy" who is fast winning the hearts of staff, members and visitors alike. Still learning the sea lion basics, Kilo is an eager student who enjoys eating ice cubes as a treat.
Loki, born in 1987. He enjoys playing with his neighbors, the dolphins, and likes a good game of peek-a-boo between their lagoons. Loki is handsome and bright and has been in commercials and frequently helps us with research projects.  Loki

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