Ma Brown's Restaurant - Nieuwe Groenmarkt 31 in Haarlem


Stilton Mushrooms

Mushrooms filled with Stilton
"the King of Cheeses" and baked in the oven.

Lamb Tea

From Miss Tusford's book on Invalid Cookery, 1937.
Strong and nutritious bouillion helps with the recovery of most of what ails us,
it was referred to as tea, because it was served to the bedridden patients through the spout of a teapot.

Salmon and sole turban served wit a saffron sauce

Honey-roast bacon

A whole bacoon roasted in honey, thinly sliced and served in it's own gravy,
Branston pickle and Colman's mustard.

Traditional English sherry Trifle

served with wipped cream and a glass of mead.
(Mead is een honingdrank.
Traditioneel dronk men de eerste maand na het huwelijk
een glas voor het slapengaan om de gang van zaken te bevorderen.
Vandaar de naam "Honeymoon".)

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